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After the successful Run 800 in 2013, Run 1000 in 2014, Run 1500 in 2015, Run 2016 and Run 2017, and Run 2018, 7-Eleven will be holding Run 2019 this coming February 3, 2019 simultaneously in Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Run 2019 promises to be bigger and more exciting, featuring the same categories as last year’s race. Just like there will be a 42KM, 21KM, 10KM, 16KM, 10KM, 10KM Buddy, 5KM, 5KM Buddy, 3KM and 500 Meter (Kids run) and a new 32KM category

Run 2019 is made possible with 7-Eleven’s unique system of SELF-SELECTED WAVE STARTS. This enables the participants to choose their wave start and run with people with the same skill or speed (or with friends!).

To join, register online at and pay the fees at any 7-Eleven store within 48 hours. Race Kits can be claimed on the date indicated on the receipt, and from the same store where payment has been made.

DATE: 03 February 2019

MANILA - Filinvest City Alabang
CEBU - Cebu Business Park
DAVAO - SM City Davao

Rules MNL Rules Rules MNL

Race schedule as of November 27,2018, subject to change without prior notice.


1.1 To compete in the 7-Eleven Run 2019, runners must in the year of the event turn eighteen (18) years old. If a participant is below 18 he or she can still register with a parent or guardian waiver. (please see rules on the 500 meter kids run).

1.2 The 7-Eleven Run 2019 will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. In this event, entry fees are not refundable.

1.3 Communication on 7-Eleven Run 2019 related matters will be done by e-mail. It is each entrant’s responsibility to keep their contact details up to date by contacting the organizers.

1.4 Runners consent to the use of all photographic or video material pertaining to their participation in the 7-Eleven Run 2019 made by the organizers or their assignees during any activity deemed to be part of the 7-Eleven Run 2019 at any time in the present or future.

1.5 The organizer reserves the right to refuse any person’s entry, or cancel any person’s entry up to the day before the 7-Eleven Run 2019. In that event the person’s entry fee will be refunded.

B. Run 2019 Rules

2.1 Every runner shall run carefully and with due regard to the safety of other runners and other road users.

2.2 Every runner shall immediately comply with the instructions of a 7-Eleven Run 2019 marshal and/or a traffic officer.

2.3 Every runner shall provide information requested by any 7-Eleven Run 2019 marshal immediately.

2.4 Every runner shall keep as far to the right of the road surface as is safe having regard to the circumstances and conditions.

2.5 Every runner shall at all times display his/her race number legibly and ensure it is pinned on to the front of his/her shirt. Runners are responsible for attaching race numbers/ timing chips as stipulated and ensure that these stay on at all times from start to finish. Failure to do so may result in DNF.

2.6 Every runner shall identify him/herself and give his/her address on request to a 7-Eleven Run 2019 marshal and to any other runner requesting such information after a collision or race incident.

2.7 Every runner shall finish the full 7-Eleven Run 2019 course or retire if he/she does not complete the full 7-Eleven Run 2019 course.

2.8 Runners are required to complete the 7-Eleven Run 2019 course within the race times found below. This time is calculated from the time the runner’s group crosses the start line. The 7-Eleven Run 2019 have been granted exclusive rights to utilize the course road space for the duration of the event and until such time that the roads have been reopened both, the 7-Eleven Run 2019 will have full control of the 7-Eleven Run 2019 route. Any runner found on the route after the cut off time, will face disqualification. Organizers may alter the race course, modify the start times and cut off times without prior notice.

42KM: 7 hours
32KM: 6 hours
21KM: 4 hours
16KM: 3 hours
10KM (All Categories): 2 hours
3KM and 5KM (All Categories): 1 hour

2.9 Runners are responsible for passing through start, finish and U-turn gates. Failure to do so will result in DNF (Did Not Finish).

2.10 A runner is discouraged to use a personal music system, e.g. iPod, or a radio communication device, including a cellular phone, whilst running. This is to allow the runner to hear commands from marshals and race officials.

2.11 A runner must participate with a timing identification and shall not run with another runner’s number or timing identification. A person who has entered shall not give his/her number and/or timing identification to another person to use.

2.12 A runner shall not use foul or offensive language or make offensive, indecent or inappropriate gestures.

2.13 A runner shall wear clothing appropriate for a family event at all times, preferably the singlet provided in the Run 2019 Kit.

2.14 A runner shall not dispose of any litter along the 7-Eleven Run 2019 course except in refuse bins.

2.15 A runner shall not smoke on the route during the 7-Eleven Run 2019.

2.16 A runner may not start or attempt to start before his/her designated start group. Any runner who does so may be disqualified.

2.17 A runner shall complete the 7-Eleven Run 2019 course with his/her own effort and shall not receive any assistance from other runners.

2.18 A runner shall not ride in reverse direction on the route, even after finishing.

2.19 A runner shall not run the 7-Eleven Run 2019 course a second time after finishing unless he/she has obtained the permission of the organizer and complied with all requirements for such permission.

2.20 A runner shall provide reasonable assistance to any other runner involved in an accident while participating in the 7-Eleven Run 2019.

2.21 A runner may not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication that can temporarily impair any of the senses.

2.22 Any runner who has been suspended or banned from participating in the current 7-Eleven Run 2018 for any reason may not participate in the 7-Eleven Run 2019.

2.23 A runner shall not display on his/her clothing any writing, logo, or item that is offensive or that may bring the 7-Eleven Run 2019 into disrepute, as determined by the organizers.

2.24 A runner who is informed by a 7-Eleven Run 2019 marshal that his/her conduct may lead to him/her being disqualified shall immediately slow down and cease to run the course.

2.25 Any reasonable medical or emergency evacuation costs incurred on behalf of a runner by the 7-Eleven Run 2019 will be for the cost of the runner.

2.26 Organizers can modify the rules, course, times, cut-offs due without prior notice. Conditions for the race may change depending on operations, technical management, weather, safety and security.

2.27 It’s the sole responsibility of each participant to know the designated run course. There will be no time adjustments in the results for participants who fail to follow the correct course for any reason whatsoever.

C. Protests

3.1 Any athlete wishing to lodge a protest regarding a decision of a race official or marshal or the conduct of another competitor must file a written protest with the Race Director within 30 minutes of completing or withdrawing from the race.

3.2 A protest fee of 1000 Pesos shall be required. In the event that the protest is upheld, the protest fee maybe refunded.

3.3 The Race Director/Organizing Committee decision is final.

D. Limitation of Liability

4.1 Each entrant warrants that he/she has not been suspended or banned from participating in the 7-Eleven Run 2019.

4.2 Each runner acknowledges the risks and hazards, which exist in an event of this nature.

4.3 Each runner attends, enters and/or participates in the event entirely at his/her own risk.

4.4 Each runner is obliged to strictly adhere to all applicable rules, directives and instructions of the organizers in respect of the event.

4.5 Each runner accepts that the Run 2019 organizers and all other affiliates (hereinafter referred to as ENTITIES) accept no responsibility or liability for and agree to indemnify ENTITIES from and against, any loss, damage, injury, disability, death, expense, cost or liability of whatsoever nature suffered by the runner, his/her estate and/or his/her dependents which in any manner, in whole or in part, arise directly or indirectly from his/her participation in the event or any of the activities associated therewith or incidental thereto, use of facilities and/or amenities or by reason of defective material or equipment or by way of any human or mechanical error, default or failure or from any other cause whatsoever except upon proof that such loss, damage, injury, disability or death, expense, cost or liability was due to the negligence of any or all of the above named ENTITIES in which event ENTITIES potential liability shall be limited to any claim which falls within the ambit of and indemnity limits of ENTITIES respective insurance policies.

E. Severability

If one or more of these terms are found to be unenforceable, such term shall be deemed to be severable from the remainder of the terms and the remaining terms shall in all other respects remain in full force and effect.

F. Buddy Run Rules

6.1 There will be different categories for the Pairs Run. Each category will have its own set of prizes. All categories will start at the same time. Each team is comprised of two members.

6.2 All participants will complete the marked course. NO SHORT CUTS.

6.3 Participants must finish together. If they are separated, the time of the slower partner is the official time for the pair.

6.4 Wear race bibs at all times.

6.5 Only race finishers can claim their finishers medal and loot bags.

6.6 Race numbers are non transferable, failure to comply with the event rules will result to disqualification.

G. 500 Meter Kids Run

7.1 The Kids Run was created to encourage kids to get exercise and participate in sports. All participants will get a medal, finisher's shirt and loot bag.

7.2 The Kids Run is non-competitive, therefore, no timing device will be issued and no official timing will be recorded or provided.

7.3 There will be different start times for the Kids Run by reference to age before the race day:

  • 3 years and below*
  • Between 4 - 6 years old*
  • Between 7 - 9 years old*

*Age as on/before the race day

7.4 Participants must be 9 years and below on the race day to participate in the Kids Run. Parents/Guardians of the Participants of the Kids Dash must complete the indemnity and declaration forms when registering online or in-person.

7.5 For Participants aged 6 years old and below, it is compulsory for a parent or guardian to accompany the child during the race for safety purposes, failing this, the organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to the Participant.

7.6 For Participants aged 6 years old and below, only one parent/guardian, issued with an identification tag, will be allowed to accompany the child.

7.7 Prams are allowed for Participants of the Kids Dash who are 6 years and under.

7.8 Participants must wear their race bibs at all times.

7.9 There will be no overall, age group winners, everyone will be considered a finisher.

Prizes - Manila Prizes - Cebu Prizes - Davao


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